Once again this year, the Cartonnerie at la Friche La Belle de Mai is hosting the Babel Music XP trade fair.

Over the three days from 28 to 30 March, with its stands, exhibitors, agora, networking sessions and radio stations, the trade fair is an economic and cultural hub, a place of connections and exchanges for the industry.

Take advantage of a preferential rate until 25 January only. 

Standard unit 6m2

Including 2 accreditations, 1 table, 3 chairs, light and electricity, wifi, trashcan.
Early Rate : 670€ (excl. taxes) 

Small unit 3m2

Including 2 accreditations, 1 table, 2 chairs, light and electricity, wifi, trashcan.
Early Rate : 500€ (excl. taxes) 

Agora unit

Facilities, services and ticketing only

Light and open modules, in the Agora part of the trade fair, for services and facilities only (ticketing, software etc…)
Including 2 accreditations, 1 counter top, 2 high chairs, electricity and wifi.

Early Rate : 400€ (excl. taxes) 

Additional Keynote – Agora unit 
One-hour presentation slot dedicated to equipment, services and facilities, in the agora (30 places available for participants and auditors for each slot) – 30 minutes presentation and 30 minutes question-and-answer session.
Includes space rental and technical elements (sound system and microphone, screen).

Early Rate : 200€ (excl. taxes) 

For further information, please consult our presentation brochure:

For further information on stand marketing, please contact :

Julien Caponjuliencapon.babelmusicxp@gmail.com

Marion Bergé-Lefrancmarion.babelmusicxp@gmail.com